Discover the exciting features that FollowTheNotes has in store for you!

1. Training

Dedicated music training where and when you want

Unlike other online music learning apps, FollowTheNotes, your Digital Music Coach, is here to offer a platform that wants to provide valuable help in the music training. Music lovers can focus on their training on a specific hand position on the keyboard, decide on the key signature, musical tempo, etc.


Never ending sheets music

The sheet music is a form of hand-written or printed musical notation that uses musical symbols to indicate the chords, pitches, or rhythms of a song or instrumental piece of music.
It is an essential musical aid for anyone wishing to practice and master an instrument. Therefore, FollowTheNotes allows users to create a new exercise or play a song saved from their songbook, anytime, anywhere


Flexibility to learn music online

Not everyone can cultivate their own musical passion. While some may feel shy about attending an offline music course, others may not have enough financial resources, or time.
But FollowTheNotes is for everyone who wants to enjoy a life-changing musical journey despite these challenges. You can achieve accuracy, increase performances and develop knowledge about your instrument and music reading at any place or time.

4. For Everyone

For beginners and advanced

On the one hand, there are users who want to hone their musical skills and on the other there are those who want to learn music from scratch. FollowTheNotes is aimed at both beginners and experts, as they can learn the tools they love with the help of custom programs and monitor their growth simultaneously. Of course, for beginners, you need a little musical smattering, which can also be learned thanks to our tutorial

5. Random music generator

Random Music Generator for Custom Exercises

Did you know that the core of the FollowTheNotes app is based on an algorithm that can generate a random song, based on your settings? The basis of the app is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, which allows users to set parameters according to their learning needs and generate different exercises each time. This kind of personalized training will be a great help in getting to know your musical instrument.

6. Hand position

Train yourselves to improve your knowledge of the instrument according to the hand position

FollowTheNotes is focused on improving the technique, as it is critical to master any instrument. The platform helps its users, for example, to improve the position of the hand with training aimed at the use of notes present only in certain positions of the instrument.


Understand and select key signatures, accidentals and dotted notes

Musical tempos are key for improving musical vocabulary. In musical time, the top number suggests the total beats that will be present in a measure, and the bottom number suggests what type of note is considered a beat. The app allows musicians to achieve precision in musical time management, with specific settings. This will allow you to choose a time in a different key whenever you want.
You can set a targeted training on a specific key signature. And determine the use of music accidentals or you can set the note of value. All these parameters are very useful to acquire a progressive independence as an instrumentalist and in the reading of music.

8. Difficulty levels

Choose from five different difficulty levels

With this app anyone can choose the difficulty level of the song to be generated based on the value of the notes to be used in the musical sheet to improve their skills. This simplifies the student’s journey and allows the freedom to learn with any musical rhythm.

9. Rhythm

Take advantage of a well-defined rhythm training

Rhythmic training is not just for playing chords but, with a great sense of rhythm, even inexperienced musicians can express themselves with confidence. The FollowTheNotes application offers its users the opportunity to train smoothly, over time. They can practice each song at a slower or faster speed, using the digital metronome to acquire maximum precision in rhythm and time.

10. Margin of error

Customize margin of error to increase performance and accuracy

This feature in the app allows you to choose your margin of error. It increases their level of precision in music execution. This parameter gives you the time window to enlarge or shorten the time when the note can be played.

11. Digital Music Coach

Interactive coach and digital monitoring

FollowTheNotes is your Digital Music coach that constantly follows your progress, using an interactive online platform that will allow you to constantly check your results.

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