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The first step to starting your music journey is to download and install the app.


Sign in

After downloading the app, you can create an account or even log in as a "guest" to get started.



Select the musical instrument you want to study/perfect, among those available


Tune your instrument

Make sure you tune your instrument. With the help of this feature, you can make sure that the instrument sounds with the correct pitch.


Time, key and position

Be sure to set time, key signature and hand position. These settings will allow you to gain precision with musical time and train on different parts of your instrument



The metronome is one of the most important features that the app offers its users. It plays a key role in improving your musical tempo and your rhythm regularity.



Play the song you generated and check the score. The random track generator will create different exercises depending on the parameters you set.


Save your progress

Build your own endless sheet music book, which will contain the songs you create according to your needs, honing your musical skills.


Improve yourself

Take control of the pool of advanced features available in the app and enjoy a professionally curated platform to master the tool you love.



Discover all the advantages you can’t ignore! They will speed up your learning and optimization process in the study of music.

Just Advantages!

Discover all the advantages you cannot ignore! Take a look below at some of the app’s benefits that will help you to accelerate your learning and optimization process in the study of music.


Develop the knowledge of your instrument with training programs specifically curated and created by you;

Sheet music

Improve performance with exercises you create, generating a sheet music book related to your needs;

Hand position

Train yourself on a specific hand position. Develop your independence in playing your instrument and improve your musical reading at first sight


The score achieved will serve as a starting point to improve over time.


Check your progress, you will notice that they will be constant over time.


Gain precision in music time with custom settings.


Learn how to master your instrument without fear


cp.i. earn the position of notes on your instrument quickly and easily