Marfil Technology Ltd is a young and innovative start-up based in Italy.

The company was founded in 2019 with the primary objective of pursuing a message of innovation and simplification of everyday life, through research and experimentation of technological inventions.

Music and Artificial Intelligence together for you

FollowTheNotes is one of the first inventions born in Marfil Technology, whose idea (patented) was born during the lockdown of 2020, in the mind of an IT professional, administrator of the company, with a passion for music.
Since March 2020 the software has been developed, thanks to a team of collaborators who have followed the evolution step by step.
Combining music and artificial intelligence, the goal of Marfil Technology, through the App, is to spread the culture of music, bring everyone closer to the study of the musical instrument and help musicians, beginners or experts, to acquire total mastery of own instrument.

The Idea
Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.
Edward Bulwer Lytton
The birth of FollowTheNotes

The idea of the project "FollowTheNote" was born one night, at the beginning of the pandemic period. "It was the end of February, I decided to go to my cellar, where I kept my bass guitar.
I was alone, time for myself, time to use the evenings in something that I had put in my memory’s drawer, but I never forgotten: the passion for music. So, after many years, I started using my electric bass again, with my notebooks, the old exercises, with all the rust of the years in the movement of the hands and in the musical reading. I started to look for an app that could help me in reading music, with music tracks developed based on the hand position, the key signature, the times. The step was short: it would be great to have an app able to create songs with random notes, according to the settings I need! Using this app would be a great workout for both my mechanical elasticity and for the mind! This app would be able to refine my knowledge of the musical instrument, optimizing music reading, especially in sight-read. I started a long search on the stores, without finding anything that met my expectations. At this point, I started thinking about developing the idea myself, trying to think of it as a method of training for other musicians or music students.

It was at this stage that the "FollowTheNotes" project began; an innovative app that allows the user to learn for himself the instrument he loves, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (patented) and our Digital Music Coach.

FollowTheNotes is also an endless book of musical exercises; users will create by themselves the musical exercises they need.
Also, FollowTheNotes is an app which can provide you with information about your ability to read and play music. It’s an app that I call "infinite," like music, borderless. For me it is a dream developing something that can be useful to help people improving in the world of music, a wonderful and incredible world. With my company we started with guitar, electric bass, double bass, violin and ukulele, with the idea of developing the app also for other instruments. With our app we will talk in musical language with the whole world, many countries, many cultures, many religions, people all linked together by the same language: the Music".

Giuliano, AD, Marfil Technology s.r.l


Our goal is to create an APP for music lovers.


Artificial Intelligence at the service of music


The passion for music allows us to dedicate most of our time to the project

The will

Our ambition is to introduce FollowTheNotes to all those who really want to train with the own instrument

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