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The APP is for
This APP is for you because:
You are a professional musician

and you want to train, wherever and whenever you want, with a versatile and powerful tool that allows you an immediate feedback.

You are a beginner

and you want to improve yourself using custom exercises regardless of the instrument you love

You represent a school

and want to create online lessons for both beginners and professionals’ musicians with APP group subscriptions.

You are a musician coach

and want to provide a training tool to your students

Find out why you will love to use this APP
Feed your musical passion!
Practice where and when you want

Your personal music coach is always with you, available where you want and when you need

Create your own music lessons

For guitar, bass guitar, violin, ukulele, both for beginners and professionals.

Gain precision and skill

Explore and increase your skills with FollowTheNotes; gain accuracy with custom settings

Personalized music training

You can customize the music exercise by defining the time, the key signature, the position of the hand on the instrument and much more…

Awaken the desire to rediscover your musical passion with FollowTheNotes, the best method you can find to build your personalized lessons. Rediscover your hidden talent with an app that will help you achieve this great goal.
An unparalleled method to study the instrument you love or that you want to learn, studying and practicing the musical reading
Random songs generator through AI systems

The app will create different exercises, based on the parameters set by you, for the generation of sheets music based on your needs of music studies and practice.

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Improves the position of the hands on the instrument

Build random sheets music on a specific hand position on your instrument. This will help you enormously in the knowledge of guitar, bass guitar, violin, ukulele.

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Select and train yourself on the musical tempo you want

Gain precision in managing musical tempos with specific settings that allow you to choose your favourite key signature, from classic 4/4 to compound tempos.

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Choose the difficulty level of the random songs you will create

The app will create different exercises, based on the parameters you set, for the generation of sheets music dedicated to your needs of musical study.

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Practice yourself on the rhythm

Select a specific exercise based on the key signature you want to practice, define the accidentals and set the dotted notes, if you need. All the parameters will allow you to gain a progressive independence in the use of your musical instrument and in the reading of music

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Practice daily on your exercises, changing the speed through the metronome, in order to acquire an excellent accuracy and precision in rhythm and musical tempo

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Customize your margin of error

You can set your margin of error to increase your level of accuracy when playing music. This parameter gives you a time window within which the notes must be played

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Digital Music Coach

and digital performance control - Use the digital music coach, he will follow you in your continuous progress. An interactive online platform will allow you to control your improvements without losing motivation

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A new journey

Embark on your musical journey using this peerless platform and master your instrument technique and musical precision

These are the main differences that make this APP unique

Play without connection cables

Free to practice wherever you want

Also for 4-5-6 string bass guitar players

Versatile instrument depending on what musician you are

Generator of random songs

You’ll be surprised you can’t get bored

Progress with the Digital music coach

Constantly measure the results and compare yourself

For Smarphone and Tablet - iOS and Android

Use the device you want

Watch the introductory video

Filippo will tell you in a simple way what you can do with our APP

  • Parameters and customization
  • Performance’s measurement
  • Save the songs played, the app is your personal song book
  • Chooose your instrument
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20 Nov 2021
Our release on Corriere della Sera newspaper!
Our release on Corriere della Sera newspaper!

Thanks so much at the journalists and editors of Corriere della Sera, who published the release of our app as one of the most interesting app in the AI area!


21 Novembre 2021